Sunday, September 30, 2012

VocableDS a0.3.1 quick bugfix

My little cousin has found a bug. If you enter a right answer and press "Next" you'll confirm also the next vocable with an emty text field.


- fixed the bug that you can confirm an emty text field in the vocabulary test


Saturday, September 29, 2012

VocableDS a0.3 big update

A big update for you! I've added a test function with some nice features...


- added the test function:

::if you press "Open" or A in the file opening menu the vocabulary test will start

::if you enter the false answer or nothing a sound ring out and the right answer is displayed

::press "OK" to get to the next vocable

::if you enter the right answer a sound ring out

::at the end of the vocabulary test the results are displayed

::in the results the grade and the number of right vocables are displayed



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

VocableDS a0.2 - small update

A small update for you :D Some bugfixes and other stuff.


- added a security message which appears, if you want to exit without saving

- now you can't input more than 100 vocable translation pairs

- fixed the bug that appears if you choose a filename that is longer than 6 letters

- added a file opening menu:

::if you press "Test yourself" you'll get to the file opening menu

::you can browse through 50 filenames (use the directional pad)

::you can return to the main menu :3

::you can choose what is queried



Saturday, September 15, 2012

VocableDS a0.1

Hello altogether,

today I'd like to introduce you to my new old project "VocableDS". Three years ago I've begun with this project, but I lost sight of it. Now I've revived it.
I write VocableDS in C/C++ and I use the library PAlib. PAlib is outdated unfortunately, but it's a really good library (especially the graphic and text functions). The developer of PAlib has abandoned the project. No other library supports 16x16 custom text fonts, so I have to use PAlib :P Especially letters like "Å" or "Æ" I can't squeeze into 8x8 tiles, because it would look ugly and the letters would be hard to identify.
So far I've finished the "create function", but I'm still looking for bugs.


- added create function:

::filename is limited to 10 letters, only the character a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and ('-,.!&=+_;) are allowed

::you can press "Confirm" or A to confirm a filename

::you also can press "Cancel" or B to return to the main menu :3

::vocable and translation are limited to 20 letters, all characters are allowed

::with A you can save the vocabulary list

::if you press B you save the translation and go to the vocable

::if you press the enter key on the touchscreen keyboard you save the vocable and go to the translation

::with "Next" and "Back" you can navigate through the previous entered vocable translation pairs

::an entered or edited vocable translation pair is saved

::with "Exit" you return to the main menu


If you notice any bugs, report! :D